We hope you have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2022 - let's hope it's a good one! 

Here's Ceilidh, with her partners in crime rescue lurchers Sparkles and Bee, enjoying low tide at Low Valleyfield on the Forth. 


Our lovely boy Ronan (Cusidh Homecoming) died this week at 10 years of age (25th Sept 2009 - 13th February 2020). We will all really miss him. He had such a super temperament, was incredibly athletic and a joy to live with. All our love Ronan. 

Ronan is survived by his sister Maggie in Stirling and his brother Ket in Galloway. Ronan was registered as Cusidh Homecoming as the year he was born (2009) marked the year of The Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh The highlight of this Homecoming event in Scotland was when clans from all over the world marched up Edinburgh's Royal Mile to the castle from the Palace of Holyrood. 

Here's Ronan with his daughter Rosie out and about this year at the old Kirk, and later war graveyard, in Culross.

Ronan and Rosie Culross 

And here's Ronan with Ian at his last show where he won Best Veteran in Breed at the SKC in May 2018.   


Here's summer as enjoyed by Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh). As you can see it's a calm sunny day at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh! But Styx is having a great time regardless.


Thought we'd put up a few photos and videos from last year as a winter reminder. Here are Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh) and Wee Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) 'enjoying' the snow in the Pentlands. 


Love from Styxy xoxoxo (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh)