Our beautiful and wonderful Banrigh (Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh) passed away in her sleep at home on 2nd Feb 2015. Banrigh was the most amazing girl tackling everything we did together with enthusiasm and ease. She was always happy to do whatever was asked of her. We ran together for miles on end, escaped bike crashes, competed in CaniX, lure coursing and KC shows and she even starred in a BBC TV series. At Crufts, she won the bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) three times and was Best of Breed (BOB) twice. She was Best in Show (BIS) at the Deerhound Club Breed and Limited Shows, but above all she was my best friend. She is irreplaceable but we are ever so lucky to have had her in our lives for over 10 years. Thank you Banrigh and all our love. We are missing you very much. 

Here are some of our favourite photos of Banrigh. 

Due to a change in circumstances a bitch puppy from Tilly's litter has become available. Please see here for more details of the litter. The puppy is now approx 3.5 months old and the breeders Lorna and Gavin Steele can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 0758 000 5900. Here's one of my favourite photos of the litter from Lorna. 

And here is the girl in question. She is with Lorna and Gavin who are based in mid Wales.  

There's been quite a few birthdays recently so we thought it could be good to highlight some of them.  

Firstly congratulations to sisters Banrigh (Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh) and Creubhag (Riding the Wind with Cusidh) who were 10 years old on 7th Dec 2014. They've both been on good form recently with Creubhag even attending a show (see here for details) and Banrigh relishing retirement and her daily walks. Here are some recent photos of them this Autumn with Banrigh enjoying a sunny November walk in Milton Keynes and Creubhag apparently now enjoying the show scene.


Banrigh and Creubhag are now the oldest current Cusidhs as their Uncle "Jamie" (brother of Cusidh Coille Hallaig) died this Autumn aged 12.  

Banrigh also got a fabulous new display this Christmas marking all her achievements and our memories. Here's a photo below. 


Please click on the read more for more birthday news.

Every best wish to everyone for Christmas and we hope you all have a great 2015. 

Here are the more well behaved Cusidhs at Craigend!


Just look at these absolutely lovely puppies. They were born on 2nd Oct 2014. Their hard working Mum is Tilly (Brylach Ophelia of Sorimsway - from Charlie and Moira Spence) who is the litter sister of our own Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh). Dad is Beardswood Quinlan - from Sarah and Heather Helps. The puppies have been expertly cared for by our friends, breeders Gavin and Lorna Steele, of Sorimsway Deerhounds

There are three bitch puppies available and they will be vaccinated, microchipped and liver shunt tested with four weeks free insurance. If you are interested please either contact Gavin and Lorna directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 0758 000 5900 or contact Claire and she will put you in touch. 

Auntie Styx wishes them all well and looks forward to catching up with her super relatives next year.