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We've started a Scottish Deerhound Support Group led by Charlie Spence and Claire Cartmell and have set up a petition on Please click here to access and support the petition so your voices can be heard. To help generate support and to provide further information and updates we have developed a new campaign web site too (please click here to get to the site) and we are now also on facebook (click here for the Support Group area) and twitter is coming soon. So please stay involved. We will post updates as often as possible. 

This is Charlie Spence above with Ardkinglas Tom and Ladycroft Grey Shadow (both owned by Charlie and Moira Spence) at Guisachan deer forest.This photo was taken for the Shooting Times and Country Magazine in 1994 for the article "The Return of the Purdey Rifle". 

John Ormiston, "The Return of the Purdey", The Shooting Times and Country Magazine, April 21-27, 1994 (John Paul, photographer).  

We were lucky to have a short stay recently at the excellent Olland's Farm Barn in Norfolk run by fellow Deerhound owners Kim Holt and Mary Ann Stuart. Whilst there we decided to see how Scottish Deerhounds got on in boats! Amazingly we found a day boat hire company (Martham Ferry Boat Yard) who were quite relaxed about the prospect of nautical Deerhounds so off we went. I'm delighted (well relieved actually) to report that Scottish Deerhounds love boats. Captain Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) found his sea legs the most easily and quickly whilst First Mate Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh) preferred a more cautious approach remaining at all times with paws firmly on the deck. Coxswain Hettie, our Lurcher, was instantly at home. They also managed three boat mooring manoeuvres and a pub stop off. So would we do it again? Most certainly yes - so anchors aweigh me hearties! 

Here's a new award for Creubhag (Riding the Wind with Cusidh) "Silver Whiskers February Patient of the Month" from Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic. She won this award as a result of her determination and toughness. 

The day after Banrigh died, her sister Creubhag, became ill with Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat.Claire rushed her to our absolutely brilliant vets Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic but given Creubhag's age (she's over 10 years old) we weren't confident of a positive outcome. Angus and Tricia operated through the night and managed to successfully untwist Creubhag's stomach. Even so she was still very poorly as her age was against her and even when surgery is successful, dogs may still die due to the serious damage to other parts of their body, especially their heart. Creubhag, however, amazingly fought on and she was then allowed back home after 3 days at the vets.

The whole experience was obviously incredibly difficult but against the odds Creubhag is still with us, not least because of the excellent veterinary skills employed and Claire's quick actions, but also due to Creubhag's personality - as Tricia says "She is a feisty old lady with a lot of spirit!"

Here are some photos of Creubhag at the vets and a few days later when Tricia came to visit her at home. As you can see Creubhag is also now a poster girl helping to raise awareness of the signs of GDV/Bloat on line.



Photos by Tricia Macpherson

If you are on facebook there are more photos and articles on the Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic page here - you will need to scroll down to their February posts.

Our beautiful and wonderful Banrigh (Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh) passed away in her sleep at home on 2nd Feb 2015. Banrigh was the most amazing girl tackling everything we did together with enthusiasm and ease. She was always happy to do whatever was asked of her. We ran together for miles on end, escaped bike crashes, competed in CaniX, lure coursing and KC shows and she even starred in a BBC TV series. At Crufts, she won the bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) three times and was Best of Breed (BOB) twice. She was Best in Show (BIS) at the Deerhound Club Breed and Limited Shows, but above all she was my best friend. She is irreplaceable but we are ever so lucky to have had her in our lives for over 10 years. Thank you Banrigh and all our love. We are missing you very much. 

Here are some of our favourite photos of Banrigh. 

Due to a change in circumstances a bitch puppy from Tilly's litter has become available. Please see here for more details of the litter. The puppy is now approx 3.5 months old and the breeders Lorna and Gavin Steele can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 0758 000 5900. Here's one of my favourite photos of the litter from Lorna. 

And here is the girl in question. She is with Lorna and Gavin who are based in mid Wales.