Here are Reiver's (Cusidh Mingarry's) lovely puppies - a boy and a girl born on 10th Aug 2014. The breeder is Arabella Lewis who is based in the Borders, Scotland.  The sire of the puppies is Cusidh Homecoming (Ronan) and a mating in 2012 of Ronan with Reiver's sister Rashie (Cusidh Perchance to Dream) produced the Top Deerhound Puppy in 2013 Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun (Wee Dram). Here are a couple of photos of the proud parents and puppies. If you are interested please contact Claire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will pass on your enquiry direct to Arabella. The pedigree of the puppies is listed here.  


Well amazingly Lugu (aka Creubhag or Riding the Wind with Cusidh) has managed to relinquish her Craigend top spot at the front door ready to order some smoked salmon and a white wine spritzer, or maybe some Pimms. It's good to see she's got her staff in order. Though perhaps she feels she's been made to wait a little too long. 


Here's Riding the Wind with Cusidh (Creubhag) relaxing in the sun. She's always been able to pick the good spots and now being the eldest of the Cusidhs at Craigend feels there's no need to relinquish her spot to her grandchildren! When she decides to respond to any human calls she answers to the name Lugu.  

Bella is a lovely Scottish Deerhound cross who is still waiting patiently for her forever home. Bella's father was a pedigree Deerhound and her mother a Collie * Wolfhound. Both her parents have wonderful temperaments. 

Bella is now about 16 months old. She came from a country home but has no experience of cats or horses. She is microchipped and spayed. She is also getting on well with the Cusidh Deerhounds so seems good with other dogs. She will make a good companion but needs a home with owners who will give her time to adjust and not put demands on her too soon whilst she settles in. If you are able to give Bella a second chance in her forever home please get in touch with Claire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Here are some recent snaps of Bella with Claire.


Scotland's oldest inhabited house, Traquair, hosted its annual medieval extravaganza on 24-25th May '14 and thanks to Duncan and Bridgette Roberston Scottish Deerhound coursing played a major role at this great medieval fayre.

Flying the flag this time for the Cusidhs was Cusidh Gaidhealtachd (Rhymer) who ran well in all his races and reached the final. However, his brother Cusidh Homecoming (Ronan) and his half brother Ruairidh McRatha (Rory) were not interested in running after the plastic lure, though in fairness Ronan did give it a try on a few runs on the Saturday! The venue was excellent with plenty of attractions and the event was a great success due to all the hard work of the organisers and helpers. So a big thank you to all those involved. 

There are some photos of the day on the BBC web site here. And some snaps below of the Cusidhs and Claire over the weekend. 


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