We've added a database of pedigree information. You can see any dogs pedigree chart by selecting the dogs name under the Team Cusidh menu and clicking "View my pedigree". Why not take a look at the pedigree chart for Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh to get started. We have a wealth of information about all our dogs, why not explore Team Cusidh .

Read the Cusidh Chronicles here. It's all about deerhounds and supernatural dogs in folklore, the mysterious Black Dog, and the hounds of the fairy folk. We are releasing a new article every week or so keep checking back for the latest instalment. You can access the articles through the News/Articles menu or by clicking here.

crufts 08 cc af.jpg Well Clan Cusidh managed a 4th in Limit at Crufts 2008 with Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh.

We've uploaded some video footage of the Cusidh Deerhounds. There will be more to follow, but why not take a look now, you can always check back later. Use the menu at the top or click here .
You can see some video footage of Crufts 2008 at Scottish-Deerhound.Com or by clicking here. See if you can spot the Cusidh in the Post Graduate Bitch Class. We did manage a 4th place in Limit Bitch with Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh. There will be more about that later. So check back soon.