For years our winning team and/or brace has been sisters Banrigh, Creubhag and Kee Kee. However, the breed show 2010 saw the debut performance of a new Team Cusidh and Banrigh has been joined by her niece and nephew. Here they are pictured from left to right Rashie (Cusidh Perchance to Dream), Righ (Cusidh Righ Innse Gall) and Banrigh (Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh). Click here to see Team results.

Team Cusidh at the Deerhound Breed Show 2010

Photo by Anne Ackland. Thank you.

There's been a lot of news lately about Champion Banrigh and Creubhag so we thought it was about time we introduced their 'secret sister'. This is Cusidh Kusti Bok (or Good luck). Her pet name is Heather and she lives on croft near Huntly with Balach, her half brother, and Annie and Derek. Here she is mothering a Bedlington cross pup which is not hers of course!

Heather and Bedlington cross puppy

Elise Cartmell and Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh (Banrigh).

Crufts 2010 Best of Breed Deerhound

Best of Breed Crufts 2010 as Judged by Mr David Murray.

Champion Deerhound and Crufts 2010 Winner

Stop Press

Team Cusidh have had a wonderful Hound Day at Crufts 2010. Banrigh (Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh) won open bitch and the bitch CC ticket. She then went on to win best of breed. This was Banrigh's third CC - Congratulations "Champion" Banrigh. Banrigh's previous CC wins have been with Eve Hamilton (SKC August, 2009) and Hector Heathcote (Richmond, 2009).

A Family Win

It didn't end there as open dog and the dog CC went to Gille (Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood), Banrigh's brother, who is owned by Sarah and Heather Helps. The youngsters also had a great Crufts with Righ (Cusidh Righ Innse Gall) winning yearling dog and his sister Truly Scrumptious (Cusidh Caol Muile ) owned by Ms A Foote & Mr G Crossan winning yearling bitch. This was a day not to forget. Thank you to Judge Mr David Murray (Moireach) and for all our good wishes received.

Watch This Space..

Please check back for photos, but here's Banrigh recovering today living up to her name - Queen or woman king in Gaelic.

..or Watch this Video

Banrigh in the Crufts 2010 hound group, as judged by Liz Cartledge. This is quite a long video, but interesting, especially with the sound turned on to hear the commentary.

..and here are the photos

Ch Greyfiars Gille of Beardswood with Sarah Helps, Judge David Murray and Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh with Elise Cartmell.


Crufts Best Of Breed Deerhound Bitch and Dog

Photos by Chris Johnson. Thank you.

Cusidh Coille Hallaig has won Dog World's Top Deerhound Stud Dog 2009 and Misty Lee Top Deerhound Brood Bitch 2009 based on progeny CC wins.

Top Deerhound Stud Dog 2009
Photo (above) is Cusidh Coille Hallaig by Miia Seilonen.

Hallaig has sired two litters both with Misty Lee. Their winning progeny include Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh and Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood. 2009 also saw two of Hallaig's grand-pups Cusidh Caol Muile and Cusidh Righ Innse Gall winning three best puppy awards. Cusidh Ard Toirnis has won three junior certificates in Finland.

Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood has won Our Dogs Top Sire 2009 based on best puppy wins. His puppy bitch Rosslyn Pippa of Beardswood was awarded Top Deerhound Puppy 2009 by Our Dogs.

Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh and Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood
Photo (above) Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh and Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood by Vanessa Lucas.

Further information.

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  • Dog World Top Brood Bitch.
  • Misty Lee - (Ch Rosslyn Highlander x Highland Mist).
  • Cusidh Coille Hallaig - (Beardswood Lewis Le Cusidh x Cusidh Aisling) dob 28.06.02.
  • Ch Greyfriars Gille of Beardswood - Owned by Heather and Sarah Helps.
  • Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh - Banrigh.
  • Cusidh Caol Muile - Truly Scrumptious owned by Ms A Foote & Mr G Crossan.
  • Cusidh Ard Toirnis - Owned by Kielo Oksanen, Finland.