Cierag spending some time with her pups.

She has just regurgitated her breakfast for them but they still expected their own!


And here are more pictures of the pups development.

BBC Cusidh

Cusidhs Make it to BBC! Next Stop Hollywood!

Read the full account here..

New Litter

We have seven beautiful new Cusidh Deerhound pups!

They aren't named yet, but here is their pedigree.

We have come
From the unknown country of the past   
From the darkness of the dreaming time
From the long ago where we have been waiting 
To bring you the joy of our lives.
We are longmemoried
We bring our past, our ancestors, into your present  
The fleet of foot with the driven deer in the dark forest
Whisper to us and we will hear you   
We know where you are waiting!
Claire Cartmell 29/08/2008