Riding the Wind with Cusidh (Creubhag) Stud Book No. 1770CS and Leoch Fiddich (Dug) had eight puppies on 25th September 2009. One girl and seven boys! All are doing well. Click for pedigree chart.

The pups now enjoying life outside.


Here's a picture of Mum, Creubhag


and Dad, Dug,

leoch fiddich1.jpg

leoch fiddich.jpg

These pups will be looking for homes in December. Price £750 for KC registered pup plus veterinary inoculations. All pups now tested clear for liver shunt. New owners will receive veterinary confirmation.


And here are more pictures of the pups helping out!.

BBC Scotland's high profile new series 'A History of Scotland', featuring Cusidh scottish deerhounds is start on the 9th of November 2008.

The Cusidhs will appear mostly in episode 4, but look out for them in episodes 1 or 2 also.

If you miss the broadcast please look at the BBC website for details of their iPlayer service. Allowing you to 'catch up' on missed television.

Cierag spending some time with her pups.

She has just regurgitated her breakfast for them but they still expected their own!


And here are more pictures of the pups development.