Not a bad result for Team Cusidh at this years Scottish Kennel Club Show at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, Edinburgh (16th to 18th May 2008).

The Deerhounds and  a small contingent of Team Cusidh attended. Thanks to Judge Mrs L A Spence who deemed the Cusidh Deerhounds worthy of the following places:

Clan Cusidh took a first, second and fifth at the Scottish Deerhound Breed Show (19-20.04.2008) under Judges Mrs Glenis Peach and Miss Juliette Cunliffe

Riding the Wind with Cusidh
, Dream Dance for Cusidh and Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh won team.

Dream Dance for Cusidh took a 2nd in Undergraduate Bitch .
Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh took a 5th in Postgraduate Bitch.

April saw Clan Cusidh at the Hound Association of Scotland, Kelso (12.04.2008) taking a 1st and two thirds under Judge Mrs Joyce Bond.

Riding the Wind with Cusidh Stud Book No. 1770CS  took 3rd in Open Bitch 

Dream Dance for Cusidh took 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch 

Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh won Limit Bitch


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