Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh Ch Drawing Down the Moon "Banrigh" at 15 months, Crufts 2006.

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Date of birth 07.12.2004 - 02.02.2015

Show History

Border Union, 18.06.2005, Best Puppy, Judge Joyce Bond

Leeds, 23.07.2005, Best Puppy, Judge Betina Adams

Crufts, 10.03.2006, 1st Junior, 1st Special Yearling, Judge Eve Hamilton

Hound Show, 8.04.2006, 1st Junior, Judge David Murray

Nottingham Club Limited Show, 23.09.2006, 1st Special Yearling, and BOB, Judge Clare Churchill and Jean Rhodes

Crufts, 2008, 4th Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs D A Kenis-Pordham

Hound Assoc. of Scotland, Kelso, 12.04.2008, 1st Limit, Judge Mrs Joyce Bond

Breed Show, Coventry, 19-20.04.2008, 5th Postgraduate, Judge Mrs Glenis Peach

The Scottish Kennel Club, 18.05.2008, 4th Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs L A Spence

Border Union, 14.06.2008, 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge Mr B Hamilton

Hound Show, 2.08.2008, 1st Limit Bitch, Res CC, Judge Mr D Murray

SKC, 24.08.2008, 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge Ms S Finnett

LKA, 12.12.2008, 4th Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs J North-Row

Crufts, 5.03.2009, 5th Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs K Barrett

Scottish Breeds, 28.03.2009, 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge Mr R Spencer

Hound Association of Scotland, 11.04.2009, 5th Limit Bitch, Judge Mr P Iversen

Deerhound Breed Show, Dunblane, 18-19.04.2009, 2nd Open Bitch, Judge Mrs D Courtney

SKC, 16.05.2009, 2nd Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs W Cross

Border Union, 20.06.09, 4th Limit Bitch, Judge Mr B Doak

Hound Show, 01.08.09, 4th Limit Bitch, Judge Mr B Fritz

SKC, 30.08.09, 1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC, Judge Mrs E Hamilton

Richmond, 11.09.09, 1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC, BOB, Judge Mr H Heathcote and 2nd Group 2 (Hound) Judge Mrs Z Rawson

SWKA, 09.10.09, 3rd Open Bitch, Judge Mrs B Adams

LKA, 12.12.09, 2nd Open Bitch, Judge Mrs A Randall

Crufts, 12.03.10, 1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC and BOB, Judge Mr D Murray

Scottish Breeds. 27.03.10, 1st Open Bitch, Res CC, Judge Mrs J Blandford

Border Union, 20.06.10, 3rd Open Bitch, Judge Dr M Mckinnon

Leeds, 25.07.10, 1st Open Bitch, Judge Mr C Thornton

Hound Show, 07.08.10, 1st Open Bitch. Bitch CC, Judge Dr S Helps

SKC, 20.08.10, 3rd Open Bitch, Judge Mr J Horswell

Crufts, 12.03.11, 1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC and BOB, Judge Mrs Z Rawson

Deerhound Breed Show, Norwich, 16-17.04.2011, 1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch and BIS, Judges Mrs Penny Redmond and Mr Robin Spencer

Border Union, 18.06.11, 2nd Open Bitch, Judge Mrs Nell MacBean

Crufts, 11.03.12, 1st Veteran Bitch, Bitch CC and RBOB, Judge Mrs A MacDonald

Deerhound Breed Show, 21.04.12, 1st Veteran Bitch, Judge Mrs J Bond

drawing down the moon cc1drawing down the moon cc2
Banrigh in puppy 2005

Photos by J B Poole and Johnson


Crufts 2006 Junior Bitch 1st Place and   Crufts 2006 Special Yearling Bitch 1st Place

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BOB Deerhound Crufts 2010


BOB Crufts 2011

Photo V Holloway/Kennel Club