Congratulations to GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind who won BIS at the Westminster Kennel Club show in the US this month. An amazing result  and now one of Righ's (Cusidh Righ Innse Gall) pups from breeder Whirly Marshall's litter with Tartraven Humla (Tilly) has gone over to join the celebrations.  The bitch puppy, Kyla, now lives with an Irish Wolfhound over in Chicago with the Rewerska family. Kyla actually made it over to the States in time for Christmas from Ayrshire when her new family came over to bring her back amidst all the snow. Kyla is settling in very well and we wish her all the best.

Here are a few pictures of Kyla in her new home.

Kyla in Chicago

Aisling has died peacefully at home. She would have been eleven years old in March and was quite a girl. She was a singleton pup arriving in flurry after an emergency caesarean section and needed to be hand reared. Anne Fullerton was one of her favourite 'mothers'. Her dam was Cusidh Sian and sire was Chapeltower Zog. Please click here for her pedigree. She had one one litter with Beardswood Lewis le Cusidh and, suprising everyone, she was an excellent mother. Two of her offspring are still at Craigend - Cusidh Coille Hallaig and Cusidh Dain Do Eimhir and Aisling's legacy now includes two champions Ch Greyfrairs Gille to Beardswood and Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh.

Thank you Aisling.

Here's a photo of Aisling at home. She was rarely shown but did thoroughly enjoy her last show appearance in Veteran Bitch at the Breed Show in 2009.


Usually the Cusidhs only need their passports for travelling south of the border to England for visits and occasionally some do settle there. However, there is one particular Cusidh who has ventured even further afield. That's Cusidh Ard Toirnis and he lives in Finland with Kielo Oksanen, Sandmanscot's. Toirnis is the litter brother of Righ (Cusidh Righ Innse Gall) and Rashie (Cusidh Perchance to Dream). Kielo and her friend Miia came over to Scotland in November 2008 to bring Toirnis back with them and he's enjoyed living in Finland ever since. Toirnis has had quite a bit of success in the show ring and you can see his results here. This year will hopefully also see Toirnis' first puppies arrive with Amy (Amazingamozone). Kielo and Miia have come back over to Scotland a number of times scince and it's always excellent to see them.

Update: Toirnis now has another Scottish friend over in Finland. Miia Seilonen has a male pup from the mating between Righ and Lyra. Click here for details on the litter. Some pups are still available from this litter. Please contact Graham and Mary Paterson directly on 01875 613 297,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Claire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here are some photos of Toirnis and Kielo over in Finland.

Toirnis and Kielo

Happy New Year everyone from the Craigend fireside.

Here's Righ (Cusidh Righ Innse Gall) at the back, Ronan (Cusidh Homecoming) on the left, and Ruairidh on the right enjoying yet a few more days of snow with Claire.

Righ, Ronan and Rory

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