Well with a very big thank you to Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic Ronan and Rashie's pups have arrived. Unfortunately some of Rashie's pups were in a breach position which resulted in a caesarean operation. But this was successfully completed by Angus and Tricia Macpherson and a small litter of puppies are now getting back on track. Here are some photos of the pups and Rashie's operation at the vets.

Deerhound puppies-2.jpg Rashie's puppies
Angus Macpherson

Deerhound puppies-15.jpg

Angus and Rashie

















UPDATE - Here are some more photos of the puppies at 2 weeks old from Gordon Crossan and Alison Foote. Thank you very much for the photos and for all your help on the supplementary feeding and nail clipping. The puppy with Alison is called White Socks for now.


IMG_0382 (Medium).JPG IMG_0395 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0309 (Medium).JPG IMG_0347 (Medium).JPG

As you can see Rashie has decided against her lovely snuggy whelping box in the living room and instead has opted for the sofa! You will be pleased to hear that a safer option of the floor is now in effective operation.