Well, here's the last puppy dispatch from Tricia Macpherson with the Clan Cusidh puppies all together. Thank you so much for all the great photos and your help.

Week 16 - The pups are now out and about enjoying all the amenities that Fife has to offer. Having a lead on doesn't seem to be a problem at all for these puppies and they're off straight away - quite unlike their mother!

Deerhound puppies 16 weeks-20 (Medium).jpg

Deerhound puppies 16 weeks-8 (Medium).jpg Deerhound puppies 16 weeks-18 (Medium).jpg

Deerhound puppies 16 weeks-14 (Medium).jpg

Deerhound puppies 16 weeks-16 (Medium).jpg

Week 20 - A big adventure for the puppies this week as they travelled down to England. First to Milton Keynes then on to the Deerhound Club Breed Show in Reading with their father Cusidh Homecoming (Ronan). Here they all are with handlers Elise, Jennefer, Claire, Rob and Lachlan. Thank you very much to Jan and Joke Groeneveld for the show photos below and your patience. Also thank you to those who helped with the pups and gave up their time to look over them and provide advice - much appreciated.

IMG_1625 (Medium).jpg IMG_1631 (Medium).jpg

Two of the puppies have decided to stay down in England. Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun is staying with Rob and Elise and Cusidh Treacle Moon at Chapeltower is staying with Jennefer Cooper. Here they all are.

IMG_1636 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1639 (Medium).jpg

Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun (dog) Cusidh Ring Around the Sun (dog)

IMG_1643 (Medium).jpg

IMG_1648 (Medium).jpg

Cusidh Treacle Moon at Chapeltower (bitch) Cusidh Dreaming Spirit (bitch)