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Well I have recently been embedded with the Clan Cusidh puppies on their ongoing Craigend missions. Here's their progress so far.

Week 8 - An attempt was made to capture the whole family together. This required reinforcements in the name of Peter Grant (next to Claire) and Stephen Patrick. Stephen with his wife Lesley (nee McQueen) owned the lovely Fearnwood Scottish Deerhounds. It was their dog Fearnwood Sound of Ryan who was mated to the foundation Cusidh bitch Ardkinglas Pattie bred by Miss Noble. Stephen is holding the father Cusidh Homecoming (Ronan)  and mother Cusidh Perchance to Dream (Rashie) whilst Peter and Claire face an uphill struggle to keep hold of their four puppies. Needless to say the capture plan ended in failure!

Cusidh puppies 2013 (Medium).jpg

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Week 8 (contd) - The puppies have experienced extremes of temperatures on their Week 8 missions. Snow has been falling heavily but it's not hampered puppy progress.

On a mission (Medium).jpg  
Claire and White Paw Puppy (Medium).jpgP1040729 (Medium).JPG  

Week 8 (contd) - The puppies have also completed a succesful mission to Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic. They have all passed their liver shunt tests and have donated blood to the Animal Health Trust DNA archive programme to help with research into conditions affecting Deerhounds which has been organised by the Deerhound Club. Camerawoman on this mission was Tricia Macpherson with Angus Macpherson and Gill Linton working with the puppies to complete the tests, nail clip and weighing misisons.

Rashie's puppies 8 weeks old at vets (Medium).jpgRashie's puppies 8 weeks old-8 (Medium).jpg  
Rashie's puppies 8 weeks old-12 (Medium).jpgRashie's puppies 8 weeks old-11 (Medium).jpg
Rashie's puppies 8 weeks old-19 (Medium).jpgRashie's puppies 8 weeks old-5 (Medium).jpg  

Week 6 - A big week for the puppies here as they moved house. However, they booked help and Peter Grant and Claire successfully completed the move to the outdoor (but heated) kennel. A lot of eating missions were also undertaken as their culinary tastes expanded to fish, cottage cheese, rice and a lot more! Cameras operated here by Tricia Macpherson (top photo) and Peter Grant (bottom photos).

images/stories/Wee Macs and Deerhound puppies-25.jpg


Cusidh09.jpg Cusidh08.jpg

Week 4 - Everyone has been sleeping and making friends! Camerawork by Tricia Macpherson

Rashie's puppies 4 weeks old-9.jpg

Rashie's puppies 4 weeks old.jpg Rashie's puppies 4 weeks old-7.jpg
Rashie's puppies 4 weeks old-2.jpg Rashie's puppies 4 weeks old-16.jpg

Week 2 - Puppies development going well and with eyes now open there's no stopping them - unless it's snack time of course. Camerawork by Tricia Macpherson.

Rashies puppies and Tickle Tree-6.jpg Rashies puppies and Tickle Tree-25.jpg

Rashies puppies and Tickle Tree-18.jpg

Rashies puppies and Tickle Tree-9.jpg

That's all the for now from Elise Cartmell.