Here's Wee Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) enjoying a recent sunrise in the Pentlands.

Wee Dram

What an amazing morning. 

Photos by Rob Horsfield

Congratulations to Wee Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) who went Best in Show at the Northern Deerhound Club Limited Show in Sept '18. Thank you to our judge Helga Jansons (Nixophel) and to Sheila Sharp and Gordon and Alison Crossan who did such a great job organising the event. 

Wee Dram was the Top Puppy in Breed in 2013 and it's taken some time for him to mature and live up to that early promise. Now at 5 years old we think he's looking great and has really come into his own. He's a super dog to live with, really enjoying his runs in the Pentlands and play time with his partner in crime Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh). 

Here's a photo of Wee Dram with Helga Jansons. 

Photo displayed with permission from Sandra Whyte (

From everyone here and the Cusidh hounds, a very Happy Christmas.

A Wee Toy Deerhound says Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a great 2017. 

2016 has been a year of moves for the Cusidhs. The English Cusidh hounds have moved from Milton Keynes and are now back living in Scotland. They have settled in Balerno following a period of city living in Edinburgh. Also fancying a change of scenery were the Scottish Craigend Cusidhs who have moved to a house by the sea near Culross. Claire's new contact details are given to the right of this page.

2016 unfortunately also saw the death of Riding the Wind to Cusidh. She was 11 years old and is greatly missed by us all.  

2017 will hopefully see a return of the Cusidhs to the show ring and I am looking forward to my first Championship Show judging appointment at the Scottish Breeds Canine Club on 25th March. Schedules are available here.  

Here are a couple of photos of Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh) and Wee Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) enjoying some walks back in Scotland. 

Please join us by signing our petition to re-designate the Deerhound as the Scottish Deerhound in recognition of their iconic status as the only native Scottish hound. 

We've started a Scottish Deerhound Support Group led by Charlie Spence and Claire Cartmell and have set up a petition on Please click here to access and support the petition so your voices can be heard. To help generate support and to provide further information and updates we have developed a new campaign web site too (please click here to get to the site) and we are now also on facebook (click here for the Support Group area) and twitter is coming soon. So please stay involved. We will post updates as often as possible. 

This is Charlie Spence above with Ardkinglas Tom and Ladycroft Grey Shadow (both owned by Charlie and Moira Spence) at Guisachan deer forest.This photo was taken for the Shooting Times and Country Magazine in 1994 for the article "The Return of the Purdey Rifle". 

John Ormiston, "The Return of the Purdey", The Shooting Times and Country Magazine, April 21-27, 1994 (John Paul, photographer).