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We were lucky to have a short stay recently at the excellent Olland's Farm Barn in Norfolk run by fellow Deerhound owners Kim Holt and Mary Ann Stuart. Whilst there we decided to see how Scottish Deerhounds got on in boats! Amazingly we found a day boat hire company (Martham Ferry Boat Yard) who were quite relaxed about the prospect of nautical Deerhounds so off we went. I'm delighted (well relieved actually) to report that Scottish Deerhounds love boats. Captain Dram (Cusidh Drawing Down the Sun) found his sea legs the most easily and quickly whilst First Mate Styx (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh) preferred a more cautious approach remaining at all times with paws firmly on the deck. Coxswain Hettie, our Lurcher, was instantly at home. They also managed three boat mooring manoeuvres and a pub stop off. So would we do it again? Most certainly yes - so anchors aweigh me hearties!