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Here's a new award for Creubhag (Riding the Wind with Cusidh) "Silver Whiskers February Patient of the Month" from Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic. She won this award as a result of her determination and toughness. 

The day after Banrigh died, her sister Creubhag, became ill with Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) or Bloat.Claire rushed her to our absolutely brilliant vets Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic but given Creubhag's age (she's over 10 years old) we weren't confident of a positive outcome. Angus and Tricia operated through the night and managed to successfully untwist Creubhag's stomach. Even so she was still very poorly as her age was against her and even when surgery is successful, dogs may still die due to the serious damage to other parts of their body, especially their heart. Creubhag, however, amazingly fought on and she was then allowed back home after 3 days at the vets.

The whole experience was obviously incredibly difficult but against the odds Creubhag is still with us, not least because of the excellent veterinary skills employed and Claire's quick actions, but also due to Creubhag's personality - as Tricia says "She is a feisty old lady with a lot of spirit!"

Here are some photos of Creubhag at the vets and a few days later when Tricia came to visit her at home. As you can see Creubhag is also now a poster girl helping to raise awareness of the signs of GDV/Bloat on line.



Photos by Tricia Macpherson

If you are on facebook there are more photos and articles on the Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic page here - you will need to scroll down to their February posts.