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Photo courtesy of Sue Phillips - Thank you

Photo by Miia Seilonen

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Date of birth 29.08.2008 - 2017. Cusidh Righ Innse Gall "Righ".

Show History

Scottish Breeds, 28.03.09, 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy, Judge Mr R Spencer

Hound Association of Scotland, 11.04.09, 2nd Puppy Dog, Judge Mr P Iversen

Deerhound Breed Show, Dunblane, 18-19.04.09, 1st Puppy Dog, Judge Mrs D Courtney

SKC, 16.05.2009, 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy, Judge Mrs W Cross

Border Union, 20.06.09, 1st Puppy Dog, Judge Mr B Doak

Hound Show, 01.08.09, 1st Puppy Dog, Judge Mr B Fritz

SKC, 30.08.09, 1st Puppy Dog, Judge Mrs E Hamilton

SWKA, 09.10.09, 1st Junior Dog, Judge Mrs B Adams

LKA, 12.12.09, 1st Junior Dog, Judge Mrs A Randall

Crufts, 12.03.10, 1st Yearling Dog, Judge Mr D Murray

Scottish Breeds, 27.03.10, 1st Graduate Dog, Judge Mrs J Blandford

Breed Show, 17.04.10, 2nd Yearling Dog, Judge Mr J Rosner

SKC, 23.05.10, 1st Yearling Dog, Judge Mrs S Rawlings

Border Union, 20.06.10, 1st Postgraduate Dog, Judge Dr M McKinnon

Leeds, 25.07.10, 1st Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mr C Thornton

Hound Show, 07.08.10, 1st Yearling Dog, Judge Dr S Helps

SKC, 28.08.10, 1st Yearling Dog, Judge Mr J Horswell

Deerhound Limited, 26.09.10, 1st Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mrs J Murray

Midland Counties, 31.10.10, 4th Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mr D Adams

Crufts, 12.03.11, 3rd Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mrs Z Rawson

Deerhound Breed Show, 16-17.04.11, 2nd Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mr R Spencer

Border Union, 18.06.11, 1st Postgraduate Dog, Judge Mrs N MacBean

Hound Association of Scotland Limited Show, 10.07.11, 1st Postgraduate, Judge Ms A Morton

Deerhound 125th Anniversary Limited Show Scotland, 01.10.11, 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and RBIS, Judge Mr J Aitken Johnson

Scottish Breeds, 31.03.12, 2nd Limit Dog, Judge Mr D Murray

Hound Association of Scotland, 14.04.12,  1st Limit Dog, Judge Mr E Engh

Deerhound Breed Show, 21.04.12, 2nd Limit Dog, Judge Mrs P Allwright

Border Union, 17.06.12, 4th Limit Dog, Judge Mr R Spencer

Cusidh Righ Innse Gall (Righ), dob 29.08.08

Here's a photo of Righ at his first show (Scottish Breeds in March 09). Photo courtesy of Glenis Peach used with permission.

righ 3v2.jpg