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dsc00367_small.jpgCierag, dob 04.04.2006 - 2017

Border Union, 16.06.2007, 1st Junior, Judge Betina Adams

Hound Assoc. of Scotland, Kelso, 12.04.2008, 3rd Post Graduate,  Judge Mrs Joyce Bond

Breed Show, Coventry, 19-20.04.2008, 2nd Undergraduate, Judge Mrs Glenis Peach

The Scottish Kennel Club, 18.05.2008, VHC Post Graduate Bitch, Judge Mrs L A Spence

Border Union, 14.06.2008, 1st Post Graduate Bitch, Judge Mr B Hamilton

Crufts, 5.03.2009, 2nd Post Graduate Bitch, Judge Mrs K Barrett

Scottish Breeds, 28.03.2009, VHC Graduate Bitch, Judge Mr R Spencer

SKC, 16.05.2009, 4th Post Graduate Bitch, Judge Mrs W Cross

Hound Show, 01.08.09, 4th Post Graduate Bitch, Judge Mr B Fritz

SKC, 30.08.09, 3rd Limit Bitch, Judge Mrs E Hamilton


Photo J&B Poole


SKC May 09 Photo (below) by Ms A Foote & Mr G Crossan
keekee deerhound