DeerhoundsKee Kee / Cierag (Dream Dance to Cusidh) had seven puppies on 29th August. Well done Kee Kee. There are four bitches and three dogs. Everyone is doing well.

The sire is Beardswood Nuada (from Hillmorton Dazzle and Beardswood Katrine).

Archie as he is known lives in Ard na Murchan, very much in the West of Scotland and just on the mainland across from Mull.

He lives with Beardswood Leah, a sister of our own late Beardswood Lewis le Cusidh (Dileas) and Beardswood Lua and Lorna.

We thought you’d like to see some photos of Archie at home and some that were taken with Team Cusidh girls during their first visit.





Also some snaps of them all having a good time.

Kee Kee


Having Fun

Having Fun!