Please join us by signing our petition to re-designate the Deerhound as the Scottish Deerhound in recognition of their iconic status as the only native Scottish hound. 

We've started a Scottish Deerhound Support Group led by Charlie Spence and Claire Cartmell and have set up a petition on Please click here to access and support the petition so your voices can be heard. To help generate support and to provide further information and updates we have developed a new campaign web site too (please click here to get to the site) and we are now also on facebook (click here for the Support Group area) and twitter is coming soon. So please stay involved. We will post updates as often as possible. 

This is Charlie Spence above with Ardkinglas Tom and Ladycroft Grey Shadow (both owned by Charlie and Moira Spence) at Guisachan deer forest.This photo was taken for the Shooting Times and Country Magazine in 1994 for the article "The Return of the Purdey Rifle". 

John Ormiston, "The Return of the Purdey", The Shooting Times and Country Magazine, April 21-27, 1994 (John Paul, photographer).