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December is another birthday month. This week it's sisters Banrigh (Ch Drawing Down the Moon to Cusidh) and Creubhag's (Riding the Wind with Cusidh) 9th Birthday. Here they are together in August this year enjoying some Scottish sunshine. Both are now retired from showing - Creubhag somewhat earlier than Banrigh due to "non-compliance" issues (a tendency to stop frequently in the ring!) - but they are both still very much enjoying themselves and keeping the youngsters in order. UPDATE - Claire has asked that it's known that Creubhag did actually manage to receive a stud book (1770C) number and produce a lovely litter of puppies. Ronan (Cusidh Homecoming) is her son. She is also now a Granny. So she's not totally thrawn honest!  

Next week it will also be Styx's (Brylach Over the Broomstick with Cusidh) 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday girls.

 Click on the read more below for some recent photos of Styx


 Here's Styx out and about this Autumn with her best friend Wee Dram.