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For various reasons it's not been possible for us to attend many shows this summer. So we thought we'd highlight instead how Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel and Cusidh Caol Muile had been getting on.

Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel is owned by Anne Smart and was bred by David Lyon from Inverness. Her sire is Cusidh Righ Innse Gall and dam is Kessoch Ema. Kessoch Ema is from Greystiel Loch Ashie x Tartraven Papa Stronsay and this mating links the pedigrees back via Glantanmoor Gairloch Greystiel who was the brother of Righ's Gt, Gt, Gt Grandfather Ch Glantanmoor Ga'ick Greystiel. Marsco has had a great start to her show career. She was best of breed at the Hound Association of Scotland Limited Show (Judge Alison Morton) only a few days after her first birthday in July. She followed that by winning at Championship shows junior bitch at both the Houndshow (Judge Ken Aird) at Stafford and at SKC (Judge Mrs Nixon). Previously she had also won puppy bitch at the SKC in May (Judge Mrs Joan Wragg).

Here's Marsco at the Houndshow with Anne Smart.

Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel

Photo by Glenis Peach

Please click on the read more to see further photos of Marsco and her sister Machair and a show update on Cusidh Caol Muile.

Here's Marsco again.

Kessoch Marsco of Greystiel

Photo by Audrey MacDonald

And her lovely litter sister Kessoch Machair owned by Audrey MacDonald.

Kessoch Machair

Now on to Cusidh Caol Muile (Truly Scrumptious) owned by Alison Foote and Gordon Crossan. She is the litter sister of Cusidh Righ Innse Gall and Cusidh Perchance to Dream, She also had an excellent show at SKC in August winning postgraduate bitch from a class of 8 dogs present delivering the promise she showed when winning best puppy at the same show in 2009.

Here's Alison Foote with Truly Scrumptious.

Cusidh Caol Muile